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Wednesday, 07 February 2007



annoying that they missed a trick on this one. with innovative research techniques like the visual stuff Imagini Holdings are doing out there they could have done something more interesting. http://imagini.net/friends/

smacks of marketing size 12s stomping in. surely they would have enough insight from the vast commentary they get on campaignforrealbeauty.com.

disclosure: my employer ogilvy hold much of dove's advertising work though i am not involved in it.


That's a real shame if they're not keeping with the spirit of the rest of the campaign. Incidentally, I too loved the Evolution film but did you see the You Tube rip off of it?(http://neilperkin.typepad.com/only_dead_fish/2006/12/slob_evolution.html) It's very funny.

Jason Lonsdale

Ah, the old survey-masquerading-as-PR-fodder trick... horrible.

Daria Radota Rasmussen

this is a good example of the campaign where ad agency has created the catchy platform, none at Dove believes in. just another marketing trick to attract people. I guess if you really want to make the cultural change you need to believe in it as a company. The survey you are reffering to is a just an example people at Dove didn't see the potential to influence the cultural perpcetion of beauty and just proved they are just an another ordianry company

Stefan Stroe

Great post!
It's a shame for what Dove has achieved with this down to earth campaign. With all the researched iterations on their communication idea (check WARC for their case study), and now this...

Stefan Stroe

Check out these Dove ads (if you don't know'em already):



Hi, gutted to read about this. I worked on this before I went off to have the bubba and wondered if they did anything with it. It was a great idea, sounds like they missed a trick

Emma Howarth

Have you tried the Marketing Society survey sent out as a recruiting mechansim for their annual conference. There I was thinking I wasn't doing too badly knowing what's going on in the world........


it's embarrassing when ppl use our online survey software and then create aweful surveys. would like to mention a few firms on here but better not.

by the way, here's a link: http://www.surveypark.co.uk/uc/main/ef43/?code=3ef500d5158a8861

take surveys online

i have taken the survey. thanks for sharing this with us.

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