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Tuesday, 06 May 2008



Well, I read We-Think when it was still in draft form over a year ago for a reading group. It struck me then as a very good survey of what's going on with open source developments, and some of the experiments described, especially the ones around Brazillian local government were genuinely revelatory.

But I did think it was Panglossian in the sense that it didn't really engage with the (theoretical) limits of the idea - can *all* intellectual property be created in an open source manner - and didn't really get to the heart of why people want to share etc in this new world.

Of course, he might have addressed these points in the final version! But on that score, I think 'Here Comes Everybody' is a far better survey of what's going on, how it's working, why it's working and people's motivations for getting involved.


Rish - I actually think that is a really fair comment and one that I have heard from a couple of other people like Mark "Herd" Earls.

I have literally just ordered Here Comes Everyone last night, so interested to have a read of it especially as it comes so highly recommended!


I saw him speak at the RSA a few weeks ago and he's not a patch on Clay Shirky. It all seemed pretty glib to me and since I can find no notes that I took I would have to say that my memory is accurate.


And remind me to tell you about the "markets are conversations" conversation I had with the Cluetrain authors.

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