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Tuesday, 20 January 2009



I don't understand the logic of not putting this report in the public domain (not to mention yesterday's presentation). John Willshere is collecting suggestions for a more relevant payment model for the report, to pass on to the IPA



Amelia, thank you for blogging this. I share your unease.

It is interesting that the IPA didn't use crowd sourcing or any new conversational convergence methodologies to illustrate this important area and create the debate. I too am a big supporter of the IPA and its endeavors to bring about debate, advice and best practice but all too often the people who are leading these sorts of initiatives - both client and governing bodies just simply 'don't get it'.

I hope that in future lessons will be learned and positive constructive feedback will be given. If you need a hand - you only have to ask...




That's a real shame. It could have been a real opportunity to get some constructive discussion around some research and promote the work of the IPA to wider audience in the process (as well as giving them some positive link-love). Shame.


Hi Amelia

Nigel from the IPA here. I'm on the case. We are listening and want to build on everyone's feedback.

Maybe we weren't clear enough that it was intended as accessible learning for advertising and marketing folk running businesses but not necessarily fully immersed in the subject.

Irrespective of that, we're going to set something up to make this more participatory and more relevant to you and your peers.



Nigel - sorry to have missed the IRL meet-up last week, but I gather from folks who did go that it was interesting and useful and it looks like the blog came out of the session. Chat soon!

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