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Sunday, 28 June 2009



Hi...Just found your blog..and like it a lot...O2 SOTB definately is a feel good 'ad' no doubt however think comparing it to T-Mobile's flash mobs is a little too much to be honest...Your point about transparency and honesty are cool however even if this O2 ad is real(and I believe you 100%)...it could well be fake as well..if even it is real its pretty easy to conceive the attention a sports star let alone many, will generate if let loose on the public. Couple that with how easy it is to get a 'game' going on a beach..I always take a ball to the beach and start playing (and i'm not a celbrity) and fellow males congregate (its a ball thing :-))...T-Mobile's flash mobs are more special...anyway havn't Nike done the Ronanldinho and mates playing on the beach for a world cup 8 years ago or so...sorry SOTB is just above mediocre in comparison even though it does conjure up that good feel factor..


Hi Jonathan - Thank you for your comment. Think that you mis-understood the post. My point was not to say that this was a "better" piece of film that the T-Mobile work, which I think is great BTW and have posted as much earlier this year. I think that they are two different approaches to the same concept of participative creativity. One smaller and more grass-roots, one much bigger and more "staged." Different.

Your observation about how on the beach everyone with a football or a rugby ball can become centre of attention and the catalyst for participation is spot-on. That's exactly what seemed to happen on West Wittering beach when this online film was shot.

Looking out of the window now at the rain makes me wish for the sunny days of last month, that's for sure!!

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