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Saturday, 26 September 2009



I can't help but feel that if someone like Google had decided to do this, people would be screaming bloody murder about a corp. trading on its users' original thoughts and ideas. Although there are many similarities between this type of trade and advertising - I reckon this overt use of other peoples' 'work' without specifically asking for their permission before they engaged in the community would kill trust in certain users.

Agreed its a good idea from the Guardian - just hope the double standards employed when judging one corp. as evil and the next corp. as innovative for the same type of activity aren't unnoticed.

p.s. The Wire is mega-awesome.

Steve Busfield

I'm glad that you like the book plan. It has been a delight to write/read/participate in the Wire Re-up blog over the last couple of years. The readers have made the blog a must-read for those interested in The Wire.
I'm not sure that the book is going to make a lot of money. But I am very glad that our content is going to be made available in a new format that people can keep on their bookshelves/give to their friends and family at Christmas.
One small point, the blog is MediaGuardian's blog - http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/organgrinder
and not Comment is Free.
Thanks for reading/commenting/blogging/tweetingabout our project


@Ramzi, you raise an interesting point. I wonder if there's a profit share for some of the contributors?

To be honest I don't think that people who contributed are looking for financial renumeration. Contributions were done out of a passion for The Wire and a desire to talk and share thinking with like-minded addicts.

The time that it would have cost someone like Steve at The Guardian to run the community, develop and moderate new content would have been enormous I expect. It was a community which was free to join, free to be a part of so I am imagine that this will meet with nothing but positive feedback from the community members.

Let's see.

Will you buy a copy?



You're certainly right Amelia - and I know many other companies do similar things. PostSecret for example sells books off the back of the postcards which people send in etc but in that scenario the PostSecret community are 100% aware before they contribute that there is a chance their content may end up in a book.

I think for me the slight unease comes from the lack of up-front transparency that your contribution could be used for profitable gains without your permission. I know many other companies do it - its just that when they do it, they get called out as being deceitful but in this case its considered innovative.

I guess its hard to draw the line between 'good' use of peoples' data and unfair use!


Good post and great idea on The Guardian's part. Not sure Google could do this - the Guardian owns/develops content Google doesn't.

The Wire is awesome - though i have issues, but i have too much work to do to go into them.

Amelia T

I wonder if I feel good about the Guardian making some money out of their digital activity because I know financially how much they are suffering in the print world. I applaud the fact that they are trying to monetize (sorry, hideous word) their online content through means other than banners and banners and sponsored text links

James Cherkoff

Put me down for a copy pls... ;-)

Steve Busfield

The book is now available to buy: http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/organgrinder/2009/nov/03/the-wire-re-up-the-book
Thanks for your thoughts about the book. As Amelia says, I think the Guardian's Wire community are just pleased that the book is coming out and that they had a part in it.
To be honest, I'm not sure that it will raise much revenue, what with The Wire being loved deeply by those who have seen it, but that being a relatively small number of people.
Now, if we were doing this book about EastEnders, there might be more people interested in buying it, but it would not be anywhere near as interesting.

Mark Tinger

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