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Thursday, 01 February 2007


Jeffre Jackson

The Mac guy in the US ads is also pretentious and arrogant. So, a global branding success!


Good to know that the US Mac guy is pretentious too.
Interesting debate happening about these ads on the Guardian blog
Would be great to know if the Japanese Mac guy is a similar twat?


I'm not a big fan of the cult-of-mac (yes, I use a PC) but I just read the anti-mac guardian article by Charlie Brooker. He writes:

"I hate Macs... Macs are glorified Fisher-Price activity centres for adults.."

And his point is....??!! Then, he writes:

"...the campaign's biggest flaw is that it perpetuates the notion that consumers somehow "define themselves" with the technology they choose"

Well, Apple seem to have made quite a bit of cash from perpertuating this notion for quite some time now!

Jason Lonsdale

Hi Amelia,

Thanks for the comment on my blog -I do love the fact that this campaign has attracted so much attention/criticism... well done to Apple, I'd say!


I think the campaign was mean-spirited, but then I always support the underdog.

In fact, I went so far in my support that I bought a shiny new Mac!

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