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Thursday, 01 March 2007



And of course that last phrase should read "willy waving", not will waving!

Stuart Parkinson

What are female planners who blog about the same stuff as male bloggers doing?

Can you judge a blog by it's sex?



I guess I have to let Rachel answer that one (Faris, can you send her the link to this)

Beeker and I had a bit of a blog-chat about this because it took me by surprise to find out that she was a girl (have a look at www.beeker.typepad.com) When I started blogging I thought that there would be more lady bloggers out there doing there thing, so to speak.
Do you think that there is a difference between male and female blogging styles?


It was lovely meeting you at the plogger-spher-o-rama. (Rachel is a good friend who once worked at DDB with David Bonney and me, but is now at Dare.)

As for how much male plogs are a matter of size comparison, I will say nothing except to note that my blog is layed out as an unarchived and continuous single column. Coincidence? Freud said that there are no accidents.


Thanks love - was great to see you - I've sent Rachel the link.



Indeed, Rachel has stepped over from DDB into the dark side of digital. She is one of us at Dare now Muahahahahahhaaaa *continue maniacal cackling to fade*

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