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Saturday, 31 March 2007



*chortle* that'll explain the comment from one Amalia Torodea on my blog.

PS did any of the people you presented to at Orange move to Australia?


Tom Hopkins

It should also block access to ebay, an exceptionally high-risk area in such circumstances.


How bad could it have been, really? A collection of the drunken comments might actually be interesting.

Stan Lee

I read about your Orange idea and developed it into a creative brief for students in the advertising degree at RMIT Uni in Melbourne. Small world huh?

As for the drink and surf thing, I remember reading an article in the NY Times last year about clicking under the influence.

I've done it myself on several occasions. I limit my drink assisted surfing to things like eBay though.


I thought as much. Don't worry - I deleted the comment. I didn't think anyone wanted to read about the diving helmet and the tub of taramasalata.


I remember that Meals!

And yes Nick - I did. Genius Steals ;)


hmmm.. hell with the online test, I vote for a red bull & vodka, red wine, or tequila sniffing sensor that locks down your keyboard ;)

Tom Hopkins


Someone is listening.

Shweta Jha

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