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Thursday, 29 March 2007



Annoyingly, I'm not going to be able to go. I live near Old Street Tube (right next to Shoreditch Park).

Sounds good fun. Must go to the market as well.

ant G

my g/f is going to be facepainting at this thing... might see you there! ant


Last year my east london friends invited me to the first friends of AC event and it's been a delight!

we were about 50 people and we cycled 100 circles around athe circus to celebrate the circus!

Was a bit dizzy at the end but great day altogether.




I'm really sorry our site is down at the moment - we're all volunteers at the Friends of Arnold Circus. But do come to The Circus on the Circus tomorrow (Apr 1)- look out for the glorious group of feisty elders all wearing red noses and doing their sit-down dance (because standing at their age is hard) - on its own, they're worth the journey!


Nice to have your comment on the blog mum!
See you at Arnold Circus tomorrow. Francois has to work but I will be there around 4pm, BTW the weather forecast is good!

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