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Monday, 16 April 2007


Tom Hopkins

Well first of all, is it me or does the phrase "lady blogger" make you think of Little Britain?

To my mind the reason that the Sierra incident doesn't need to lead us to a code of conduct or a debate about free speech is that the horrific posts which started it all off would have been covered by neither.

Traditional rights to freedom of speech and expression do not include anonymous free speech and certainly do not include criminal statements or incitement to crime.

It is the same online and offline, if the cowards who had posted it (on paper, on the internet, in 6ft letters on a wall) could be caught, they would be liable to prosecution.

In this case the re-publisher had a duty to remove the content which they did quickly, if perhaps not quickly enough.

Of coure this is all immaterial to Kathy Sierra who will have to bear the brunt of the abuse which has clearly had a great deal of effect on her.

The most upsetting part of this for those of us not directly involved is that it feels like the geenie is now firmly out of the bottle.

John Dodds

I think the live by the sword argument was minimal - unnerving certainly, but the point behind the thinking of most anti code of conduct bloggers is that the abuse was and is illegal and should be dealt with under existing laws regardless of gender.

Catch Up Lady

I agree, as a female blogger that sort of thing is totally scary and threatening, and not something that anyone should have to tolerate.

I think the concept of a blogger code freaks some people out, but if you actually read what O'Reilly proposed it's really not too far out in left field - and in fact most people are already operating under those rules because they're decent people. Most bloggers seek to be taken seriously as journalists and subject matter experts, therefore I don't think it's outrageous that there is a loose moral code associated with what people post.

HOwever, the critics also have a leg to stand on - because really this code is just a Good Housekeeping seal of approval. It means nothing and is not enforceable, nor will it help prevent a another Sierra-esque incident.

Guess the jury is still out...

Bring back hanging!

Big mistake to let you lot vote... or drive for that matter


Bring Back Hanging - your comment made me laugh, sounded a bit like my dad.

Then tried to drop you an email over the weekend, but it seems that you left a false email address when you posted your comment.

Oh well

Bring back hanging!

Yes, I don't actually want to be berated or have to defend my unevolved posting about Lady Bloggers, so I'm hiding behind a made up e-mail address.

I love Lady Bloggers!!

Not to be confused with Lady Boys...

Should Lady Boy be in caps?


Useful to "hide behind a made up email address", but not sure why you feel the need to?

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