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Thursday, 05 April 2007


Stan Lee

Just read your Twitter and saw that you're off to Slough. I'd rather take my chances in Iran to be honest.

As for the headlines, The Sun did a beauty when Michael jackson was found not guilty - Beat It!


Luckily Slough got cancelled!

Was reminded of the Sun headline went England beat Holland: "Edam Busters"


Tom Hopkins

Or, even worse, if we're all writing for Google which really doesn't understand.

Anywau, here'sa couple of good 'uns

In Response to North Korea's nuclear test: "How do you solve a problem like Korea"

Daily Mail for same topic: "Kim Wilde"

Back to The fabulous Sun. A First Division team Caledonian Thistle (nicknamed Caley Thistle), knocked favourite Celtic out of the Scottish Cup at Celtic Park in 2000. The Sun's verdict: "SUPER CALEY GO BALLISTIC CELTIC ARE ATROCIOUS".

And how it works stateside



Dead Heads? Fed Up? Unhappy Meals? Heads Up Their RSS?


Paddy Pantsdown!

That was genius.

I love Lady Bloggers!!

My Fav was a million years ago.

The independent stated "Infamous pugilist suffers unexpected reversal"

The sun ran with a dry but concise "Tyson KO'd"


Hi love, recent article on Outside mag's green issue about punny headlines in daily grist on grist.com. Check it out:


Found this post via psfk - well done. Cheers, xF

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