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Friday, 13 April 2007


David Brain

I think people are already beyond the channel as the only branded provider idea. HBO's shows have really made them a household name and arguably, in their own way, endemon. Interesting that they could be sen as a seal of approval type brand (more like a retailer I guess).


Agree - HBO are probably the best example of this as everything that they show is original content. And I do think that it is a "seal of approval", I wondered though if this was a seal of approval that was known well in the UK? I am a huge HBO advocate but I was out in the States for almost 6 years so had a relationship with it there.

Seems that in the future channels can be originators, aggregators or navigators.


Agree - just look at the vast majority of content on current.tv to see that the democratisation of the production process doesn't necessarily mean great viewing fodder! There are some interesting examples popping up on the big terrestrial channels - Grand Designs on More4, Skins on E4 etc.

This is also an argument that's particularly pertinent to the radio industry. What do radio stations offer the ipod generation - as we become ever more efficient programmers in our own right, what can radio offer as a USP? The UK radio market is only just beginning to give the necessary level of attention to this quandary in my opinion.


Have been chatting with Jess over at Contagious Magazine about some work that we did for Channel Five and their show Prison Break. It was this project that really started me thinking about how channels need to shift to their focus in order to build communities not simply audiences.
Anyway, she wrote up the case. Thank you!


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