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Wednesday, 13 June 2007


Noah Brier

Thanks so much Amelia, really appreciate it. Need to continue this meme as soon as I return from Israel. :)


WOW - am very touched to be mentioned in the same paragraph as Noah and those other great (and serious) bloggers. I suupose I'd better start sticking in more thinking about the world outside of my closet then...

Tom Hopkins

Thanks Amelia. Wow.

I'm going to have to actually think about my geek-speak now.

David Brain

Thank-you very much indeed. You would be on my top five, but as you already have the little banner/prize, I'll have to think of another recipient. Thanks again.

Adrian Lai

Thanks Amelia. I'm flattered that my blog actually makes people think.

Here are my 5 (http://tinyurl.com/2n68md)

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