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Tuesday, 10 July 2007


Tom Hopkins
David Brain

Definitely agree with the "once you start talking on-line you can't stop comment". And the great thing is in my experience once a brand owner/manager has taken the plunge and relinquished that bit of control and started talking not shouting through bought media, they gain so much from it that they rarely go back.


My favourite finding from the research: "As people spend more time on line, they become more sophisticated". I feel a craving for caviar and champagne coming on.


I just saw an interesting presentation from AOL about the role of risk manager controlling the problematic things that can happen online. It was interesting that a consulting firm contacted AOL to help them create a product that they could sell to clients. Check it out here

I guess from a media agency or PR agency point of view. What role is there to play ?


i generally think brands and blogging is a good thing - at least to look at, try and play with. it almost seems odd not to give it a go given the number of people you can reach for relatively little investment. but i can't help fear the car crash of bad brand blogs as soon as brand managers do catch up. blogs about deodorant anyone?


Nice to see the positive feedback here! Just to clarify, the research was conducted by Shiny Red, the new media communications consultancy ;-)(yep, they have a tie-up with the Shiny Media folks)


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