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Thursday, 23 August 2007


Charles Frith

Look. Just stop messing about and give me my 'sample'.

dan at innocent

I'm with you Charles. I could really turn on my fellow country dwellers to this new thing.


Really interetsing way to launch a cool product. Also very cool way of using web mapping. I miss making my web maps since leaving vccp :( My only question is where is mine?!


Got to echo everyone else here...I could really go for one of those right about now.. ;)


Hey Amelia,

Thanks for the comment on the blog. I chatted more about it on youtube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Swg6XZ3Nkkw.

The design is truly yummy as is the alarm clock feature. In fact, if it weren't for the storage and camera probs I'd go for it. It's not even that I mind 2MP as oppose to 3.2MP on the new walkman THAT much, but the tracking is so very slooooow.

Charles Frith

Coincidentally I saw John's last night at TDC.

It looks very gay on a chap. I'm not implying anything though ;)


I too saw John's at TDC on Friday, loved the outer shell but not so keen on the keys and useability. Any chance of getting one to try?

henry lambert

Hey Amelia, we've really enjoyed having the phone around and the whole project reminded me of something Russell wrote about in Campaign (I think) about how market research should be considered part of the brand experience. Well you've certainly made one O2 customer very happy through this, even if it's not strictly research.

justin hunt

Hi I think the campaign is really interesting. I have just done a post about it on my blog for Brand Republic 'Bloggerati'. Clever stuff. What would be interesting is to see how O2 builds on this going forward and how they might involve the bloggers in the development of their products and services. I didn't think the actual blog was any great shakes though. I run my own blog advisory/social media company (www.itsopen.co.uk) and so I suppose you might expect me to say that but overall this is progressive and a good example to big brands many are simply too scared to get involved or are still locked in a traditional media communications mindset. How the landscape will change when the next generation take charge!

Jon Miller

the phone looks cool - something brilliantly lo-fi about the alarm clock / LED thing.

the Forrester chart is drawn from a sample of PlanetFeedback.com members - so not a surprise that peer review is top of their list... quite a good example of the "feedback" you hear a lot in the blogging.

Jon Miller

PS. hope you appreciate the use of the definite article - "the blogging".

I'll have an internet to go, please...

Tom Cole

have you seen this:


has some relevance to what you're talking about here.

naked celebrities

Launch blogger please.


the phone looks cool - something brilliantly lo-fi about the alarm clock / LED thing.Links of London

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