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Monday, 20 August 2007



Hi there,

How weird... I read your blog every couple of weeks and there you were sitting opposite me at the Trusted Places beta test...

If only we'd known.

Nice to meet you... my "advertising" blog is:


should you be interested...

See you at the next Trusted Places event



Hi Amelia, I've met Walid and Sokratis as well - their idea is genius in its simplicity and their execution is pretty smart too. Seems like they are rapidly becoming regulars in the 'Top Digital Start-ups' lists!


Great, ANOTHER network thingy for me to join. :p Sounds like Trusted Places is doing the right thing (meaning more useful/functional) with social networking: using it for unique reviews to help people with similar interests and minds to find places they like.

I posted an article somewhere that recited a statistic: consumer reviews are preferred over expert reviews 6 to 1. Pretty cool, it definitely supports the trend that says brands shouldn't talk at consumers but rather engage them. ;)

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