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Saturday, 17 May 2008



Thank you so much for this ^^


The answer is that it will be increasingly more difficult to get away with it - both in terms of inspiration as evidenced by the recent online thing that turned the unnoticed gorilla into a bear; and in terms of execution as evdienced by the Berocca nightmare ripoff of the music video.

Simon Gregory

Or maybe it's less about gettting away with it and more about accepting and harnessing youtube as a source of inspiration. And not just creatively either - want to know what people are into at the moment? Visit youtube.

Check out these two for example:

Original Viral:

Original Viral + Dr Pepper:


I think it's going to get easier to get away with, not harder.

And while ripping off ads directly is pretty weak, everything is ripped off of something else, at some level, e.g. Honda's Cog, but I guess really it's about whether you do make the context uniquely on-brand, and relevant...


What about acknowledging the source of the "inspiration" when collecting awards etc? Or would that be awkward and lead to some people not being able to claim the mantle of creative genius? I believe there is no copyright on ideas, so legal claims would not arise.

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