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Tuesday, 15 July 2008



we had yahoo and then ask jeeves... which got me through school.
I have this feeling that being constantly connected means I dont need my memory. I often breeze over things online then save them on my delicious for later.
Multitasking with computers and online in general has limited my concentration span unless I shut everything down. I have limited my long writing pieces as well other than books.
I have to walk away at work with a pen a couple of bits of paper in a room to get any proper thinking done.
Great post. Glad Im not alone


It's a really thought provoking piece.

here is an interesting collections of reactions (including mine)


hope all is well


Victor Houghton

The Independent had a similarly-titled feature today. I wonder if somewhere someone has manufactured a chart showing some kind of decline in the working of biological brains versus the multiplication of digital storage capacity.

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