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Tuesday, 30 September 2008



The "Around Britain with a Paunch" link in your post seems broken, but I found it anyway :)

I asked a question there, do you know of a decent cheap restaurant in London (not a buffet) that offers a fixed price tapas-style menu? I only know of one, up past the East End, but there must be others?


Thanks Rana - fixed the link, good spot!

For fixed prize meals, let me have a think?

Do you want an eat as much as you like/can, or a set price for a 3 course meal?

I would email Jonathan directly on Around Britain as he is a huge foodie and so in touch with the best spots around London at the moment!

Let me know, A


This is the posting on Londonist



Have you been to Fernandez & Wells yet? Now THAT is a great sandwich shop! (Go the one that serves wine. Not the coffee one.)


Fernandez and Wells hey... will definitely give it a try. It looks amazing on their website. Thanks for the tip.

What sandwich would you recommend?


Thanks for being so amazing complimentary Amelia. It's so much fun writing about sandwiches!!! I just wish it paid enough (or even at all) that I could do it full time!!!

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