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Sunday, 05 October 2008



Oh, I was waiting for the London one to be published, I got the Barcelona one a while back and love it.

*mental note to self: rush over to Magma soon and buy one*

Have you seen the IDEO guides to London and New York? I love those as well.


Oh, fab, the London guide is out! I bought the Barcelona one a while back and loved that. Must rush over to Magma and get the London one.

BTW have you seen the IDEO guides to London and New York? They're pretty cool too.


HI - so nice to hear from you, I was literally just about to Twitter to you and find out if you wanted a coffee and a catch up.

It's been a while since Interesting!

I'll take a look at the IDEO guides as well - thanks for the tip!


I use their regular emails on barcelona and istanbul to inspire and remind me to book trips away. Im sure you could check the dates of when the email comes out against my credit card of flights booked to europe

check out urbanjunkies.com as well. Its brilliant for weird little things around london


hey there,
I just got the edition for amsterdam - great coffee table book. lovely, bound, and chock full of really cool ideas.

I didn't know they made them for other cities too!



It looks like a great guide. I hadnt heard of it, but have just checked it out and ordered it online. Thanks!


The weekly email is great. I met the founder (Rene) a few years ago at a design awards thing - he was by himself, over from Barcelona, so me and Mr Reed took it upon ourselves to entertain him. Lovely man.


Great article by Benji from the Guardian (also on Twitter) on this brilliant book and weekly email alert.


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