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Monday, 05 January 2009


Luis Miranda

Funny work

Nick Myers

When I first saw the ad I wondered if the insight was triggered from people actually typing Meerkat instead of Market?

Love the little fury charachter, he's got a hint of the I Kiss You website creator in him.


I saw this, liked it. My first thought was that this is a neat campaign where both the TV and online make perfect sense together. Neither part feels like an add on, and you can't tell which channel is driving the idea or which is following.

My second thought was that it's frankly shocking how most campaigns still aren't like this, despite all the claims of integrated, idea first, etc etc.


Really like this. The campaign sets the brand apart from all the other compare sites. Not as many YouTube views as you might expect perhaps a viral, other than the ad itself, would of gone down well.


Love this advert! The bloopers video is quite funny too http://tinyurl.com/crqklc

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