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Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Mike Reed

This is good to hear from a fellow addict (and mutual follower as @mikebreed)! Interesting about the Tipping Point (please, no more 'Tw-' words!) - I've found the same thing. & my follower numbers have gone nuts since new year, although I put this down to a deliberate effort by me to use Twitter better. I don't think I've ever had such an instant reaction - on Twitter, it seems doing the right thing brings instant rewards. Good.

Stan Lee

No comment. ;-)

Willem van der Horst


The account handler making the most fun of my Twitter enthusiasm has been nagging me in the past week to look at using it in upcoming campaigns... Funny that I'm going from advocating stuff like that to now trying to explain it's not the answer to everything either. ;o)

About the whole tipping point, I wrote that in a comment somewhere else but I would say there is definitely a shift but probably not go as far as talking about a tipping point - at least if you're thinking of it going mainstream that is. Most people out there still have no idea what Twitter is and I remember reading that even at its current growth speed, Twitter would need something like over 30 years to overtake Facebook in number of users. Though of course that doesn't mean much, something similar was probably said about Facebook and Myspace or about Google and Yahoo at the time...


I would highly recommend TweeDeck for managing Twitter.

You can create groups and segment the way you want to read an interact with followers and those you follow.

Also, has a handy flash window which alerts you when new tweets are made and what 'group' they are in i.e. friends, colleagues, stalkers etc.

Download here - http://www.tweetdeck.com/beta/

Robin Grant

Hey Amelia - some other people's thoughts on Twitter here:

Rob Mortimer

I've never got into twitter much, I mainly use it through Blipfm.


Seem to be lots of conversations around Twitter at the moment - i reckon that you are right about it reaching a tipping point.

I picked up on this one recently, where they are focussed on more practical applications: http://kommein.com/twitter-obtaining-the-impossible/


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