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Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Tom Harle

I had heard about this but I hadn't realised the scope was so wide! I wonder how it's being received by the graffiti community considering how many tags he's painted over. Cool soundtrack too, thanks for sharing :)

stuart parkinson


It already did, huge uproar about originality etc


Account Deleted

Thats cool - Thanks A

I wonder if it was developed in collaboration with the local council, who provided paint in exchange for whitewashed walls?

Tom - The Gaffitti community on one hand would have been annoyed at losing a few old tags & pieces, yet on the other happy at getting a new blank canvas.

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Thom Dinsdale

I saw this fab video sometime last year. It was definitely a big inspiration for the Action for Children ads.


Keep up to date with your favorite Street Arts

Keep up to date with your favorite Street Arts

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