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Friday, 05 June 2009



Really nice ad, Amelia. I like the shocked look on most young people's faces there - it's a good follow-up to the previous ads (the night-out in reverse ones). I'm sure it's something which has made everyone who's worked on it proud!

david brain

Great work. What else are you doing with it other than placing?

Shib Hussain

That was brilliant! Great thinking behind the idea, well executed! Love it :D

Haha I hope the owner of that shop was in on it, broken windows can't be good!


should his behavior make me laugh?

Andy Walker

A very powerful piece. I hope that they have the desired effect on the target audience. We should also remember that alcohol retailers have a responsibility not to be irresponsible when selling booze too. The government's current consultation on a new code for the sale of alcohol is worth supporting in this regard.


Heat magazine said that they thought that this was the best anti boozing ad ever
We are working hard to make sure that this gets seeded into the right kinds of forums and chat rooms. The hope is that it is a catalyst for debate and maybe re-consideration of behaviour.
Tough job, but I hope that this might be vaguely useful.

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