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Wednesday, 19 August 2009


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Ha, yeah, totally!! It'd be briiliant to know what works, what doesn't, what flies, what dies..?


This was advice from a unkindly soul who preferred to remain nameless:

I’ve been to the previous Battles and the secret to winning seems to be about playing to the egos of your planning audience, whilst simultaneously being accessible, nice and funny.

Russell D won because he told the gathered gaggle of planners that they were the future of the comms industry (and even played ‘we are the champions’) whereas M&C’s idea last year was to offer a platform for planners to co-create on-the-side with small, unusual businesses.

John Dodds

Your thinking already fits the bill.


Hi Amelia - crikey - great question and not one with a definitive answer. Not helpful I know but happens to be the truth.

I covered some of it a while back and if you haven't had a look here is some interesting stuff to go through: http://theapg.typepad.com/battleofbigthinking/2006/10/thoughts_on_the.html

I think that perhaps you will have been asked because of a perception people have about your approach and recent work so I would bear that in mind as it would be like going to see your favorite band and then not hearing them play any of your favorite tunes.

Usually the things that work well are sort of obvious really:
1) Clarity
2) Level of interestingness
3) Likeability
4) Memorability
5) Usefulness
6) Humour and humility

If there was a way to crack it potentially it would be to get the community to write the presentation for you a la Neil's thing a while back which would get you off the hook personally and be fun and entertaining and sort of zeitgeisty too. Also do a plannerinaroom thing whilst it was being put together and film and do it as a performance of new ways of creating stuff rather than a presentation.

Just a thought.

Let me know if I can help - I have some free time this next week so could lend a helping hand if you need one :)



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