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Thursday, 24 September 2009


Le'Nise Brothers

Thank you - I've just done this and I already feel less stressed!

Account Deleted

Yup, that's my top Blackberry configuration tip. It's great to see the surprise and relief on some people's faces when you show them that they don't have to be bugged by the flashing light all the time.

Account Deleted

Glad you've found some Blackberry Zen

Just wonder how long it'll take you before you keep on picking it up and manually checking.

Old habits die hard....in the nicest possible way ;)

Anjali Ramachandran

Very useful. I'm going to pass it on to the husband ASAP!!

Paul H. Colman

Or, get an iPhone.


You're right Paul, but I just can't use an iPhone for work. I need to be able to text under the table in meetings, impossible with an iPhone


it didnt work & i went and took the LED light off everything ... =(


Thank you thank you thank you!!


Thank you! No more stress inducing, flashing red lights ruining my evenings and weekends. The Blackberry is a truly evil invention.


Extremely long but very useful and informative article. How i wish i can do all of that in a short period of time. But for sure doing those will produce results. I will try to spread your words through my blog and link it back to you. Thanks a lot for those tips.


Thanks! The flash was driving me insane.


Oh you are God Send. I just knew I was gonna have a seizure one of these times. The red light hurts my eyes. Its OFF finally!

Samantha Cole

My gosh! I felt exactly the same when I saw the blinking red light on my phone! It made me paranoid for a while, 'coz I thought there might be wrong with my BES. But thankfully, it can be turned off easily. Sigh!


Or just get some black tape


THANK YOU!!!...what a releif


i was about to hurl my phone.. i hate the blinking red light. i heard the email come in, i don't need it blinking at me for 10 minutes after the fact.


THANK YOU!!! :) :) :)

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