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Wednesday, 21 October 2009



It might be my natural cynicism when confronted by sales material, but isn't this just Tipping Point through the lens of Guardian readers? The major shift from Gladwell is the Status Bargain concept, which has a lot of merit but seems to be the negative capability (or fence-sitting) over ideas that is stereotypical of Guardian readers (and so the starting point for segmentation when selling them as an audience). I was sorry I missed the presentation as it sounds like a really interesting approach, but this deck looks way more salesy than I'd expected.


I hate presentations that assert they've "proved" anything. And the deck seems to suggest that influencers are a special segment.

But now, potentially everyone and, in reality, an increasing number of people are influencers around a certain subject or subjects for ever-changing networks.


P.S. Best stat Ive seen this week - 70% of the bloggersphere use twitter. Only 14% of the real (I assume online) world does. Are echochambers influential?

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