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Thursday, 07 January 2010



Spot on. In this case it's absolutely the message, not the medium. A proactive but ultimately poorly thought-through campaign.

Would it have pissed people off on TV? Err, yes. Radio, yup. Newspapers, yeah --- etc etc...


I completely agree.
It also seems like a bit a waste - they could have done something really interesting with this brief.


100% in agreement. Let's see what impact the remaining ads have...


sue them for what???


If you try and read the MN thread (which is practically impossible as they have pulled down almost all of the posts) I think that a lot of people started talking about Garry Lace and his "colourful" history, saying that Beta his new agency were sexist twats and that female clients should think twice about doing business with them. There was an email that was sent to Justine the founder yesterday. I am not sure how they are breaking the law though. Might be talking with the MN founders?

MN had a similar issue with Gina Ford though and I believe that she won and they aren't allow to critize her on the site (or something like that!)


he might try to claim it's defamatory.

good luck with that.


Actually quite scary, Beta's lawyers are asking for personal details on the women who post on MN. This is from Justine the founder:
Laydees your posts are being deleted if they break site rules - so please refrain from insults - this is what we've agreed with the LAWYERS!

(Crazycatlady - twas the nasty bigots comment)

Incidentally we've been asked for the personal details of a few of you (below) which of course we will not supply. But seems that Garry would like to get to know some of you better hmm.

Mrs Baldwin
Mr sChemist



well, he tried to spark a controversy and it now appears he has got one.

Julia Royce

Looks like he's got the wrong one though, Blimey!

John smythe

Legal action was initiated because many of the forum users have made repeated, defamatory comments about Garry Lace's genitalia. Many of the deleted comments comprised of poems and expletives directed at Lace too. What was, initially a laudible cause just descended into a minbogglingly childish parade of peacockery.


@John Smythe Thank you for your comment about why Garry felt it was necessary to take legal action. Really appreciate it.

Genitalia huh?? I thought that it was the fact that MN were questioning the professionalism of Beta.

I would never have predicted that genitalia were the issue.

Anyway I did try and send a message to the email address that left but I had a bounce-back saying that this was a false email address. Which I thought was a shame.

(Thank you for leaving your IP address though: )


legal action because of genital banter? seriously. FFS.

If it's a size issue, perhaps he should just post a photo to settle the matter :)


yup, photo a v good idea.

D'you know it's jolly odd: rule number one in my copy of 'Social Media for Nitwits' says that enterprises which bugger up should 'quickly put hands up, apologize and ask how to make amends'. It's *possible* the new edition dumps that for 'threaten to sue' but I'm sceptical to be honest.

This agency is supposed to be at bleeding edge of good social media practice, right? The kind of people that you can trust to know what's what? Good grief.


I just don't know what to make of this whole thing Amelia - the fact that an offensive ad ran or the puerile responses on all sides of the fence afterwards. All terribly unedifying and another stick to beat the industry with and another 'non-victory' for prickly social networks.

The really worrying thing is that it may have been based on the results of The Good Childhood Enquiry which states: 'Most women now work outside the home. In Britain 70% of mothers with 9-12 month old babies now do some paid work. This compares to only 25% twenty-five years ago.

Women’s new economic independence has made women much less dependent on their male partner, as has the advent of the welfare state. These factors have contributed to the rise of family break up. As a result of increased break-up, a third of British sixteen year olds now live apart from their biological father.'

Potential dynamite and all rather depressing. lets hope there is something in the industry worth talking about next week ;)


Account Deleted

I don't agree with it..
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Media Planning

I can't believe how daring some companies are with their advertising!

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