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Wednesday, 21 July 2010



perfect timing - guess what my next planning gig is for? :-)


We did a pitch 18 months ago to a DFS competitor where our ideas were based around sofas being emoitional because they've got stories and history. We lost to an ad agency that offered price-based TVC like DFS (except more expensive, which probably explains why it went bust nine months later).


I have an IKEA postcard somewhere that says something like your favourite seat should not be in a restaurant.


Good luck Gemma, you will need it - although they have a new marketing director I think.
Sorry for the shop talk on your space Amelia - and totally agree, DFS will be getting found out soon when they can't buy attention anymore

Kate Morgan

It indeed looks, um, chocolatey. But on the serious side, once you start living in your own apartment, it's also a start of a new chapter, and this sofa had been a witness as you went on with your own life. While it's too bad that it won't fit in your apartment, it's also uplifting that it'll be with a new family. A new sofa will then fill that void in your apartment, and in your life.

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