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Monday, 31 January 2011



Am also 3 weeks into the return from mat leave and love your post! Off to watch the video. Becks

Deb Khan

Excellent post, lovely to have you back. I empathize so much with where you are at. It can be tough, tedious & lonely when they are tiny. the contrast of an exhilarating job with smart, receptive people is seductive. I believe I'm a better mum for working. And VV. I've also learned that it's not static & the needle jumps, regularly. It's subjective & transitory. I just say this is right for me, now. I have to be flexible & fortunately created a career where flexibility was central. All could change, tomorrow.

Deb Khan

oh & let's remember if we have the luxury of choice re working/being a mum, we are incredibly fortunate. The vast majority of women don't have that choice

Shailendra Kumar

You have mention very useful and profitable message..I think this is very useful for every reader..
Shailendra Sonu


Such wise words! Years away from the really tough stuff but great advice to keep the foot on the gas pedal.

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