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Thursday, 05 July 2012



Great post I've presented without slides at several conferences and certainly enjoy it more. However, it does depend on the topic you're covering. It works best on 'big' subjects where you are talking about strategy and ideas. It also means that you've got to think about some sort of takeaway for the audience, such as an article or white paper that you've authored.


I'm still at the less-slides-less-words-more-pictures stage of reducing ppt dependency.

The best presentations I've done have been the ones where I had no words at all on my slides, just visuals - and of course where I also rehearsed like mad :)

Gemma T.


Great post and not because I'm mentioned in it!
The thing I'd add from my own experience is that even after some training (and a bit of practice) I still don't feel comfortable reverting to slides to tell a story. I've always walked a stage and looked the audience in the eye to make a presentation come to life. I quite like the feeling of being exposed, of being judged on the power of your story and the passion with which you can tell it. It's a buzz. You have to use your whole body and every ounce of persuasion you can muster and you have to be authentic. Anything less and you'll be found out. Maybe it's the middle-class former editor's version of a 'No Fear' sport. I have a few presentations to put together in the next few months. If I decide to use slides at all(and I hope to be brave enough to defy expectations by not doing so) I'm going to try the Amelia Torode/Rory Sutherland approach - big images, minimal text, storyteller does all the work.

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